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The Truth Behind Processing FHA Insurance Refunds


By Thomas Tuke

Unlike the flood of Work from Home opportunities such as envelope stuffing, filing medical forms, processing emails or MLM schemes that promise “get rich over night”, processing FHA mortgage insurance refunds is a real job as a work from home business. The power of the Internet in locating the refund recipients has made this opportunity even more appealing.

Processing FHA insurance refunds is a real job that was originated by the Federal Government to assist them in finding and returning unclaimed mortgage insurance refunds to individuals who once had an FHA mortgage insurance policy when they purchased their home. This FHA insurance premium could have cost the homeowner up to2.5% of their loan amount at time of purchase. However, this insurance terminates if homeowner paid off their mortgage early, sold their home or refinanced their home with a non-FHA loan.

As a result, the homeowner maybe due a prorated amount of the insurance premium as a refund. By the time HUD/FHA discovers or is informed to terminate the FHA insurance policy, the homeowner likely has moved on. The Government attempts to contact these homeowners by mail to return their refund, but with limited success. As a result, there are more than 100,000 individuals who are due FHA insurance refunds totaling over $120,000,000 and growing.

Admittedly this opportunity has gotten a bad rap from a number of companies and individuals who have abused this opportunity in the following manner.

· Claim or advertise themselves as an Official Representative of HUD/FHA.

· Mislead people in that as a Tracer one works for HUD/FHA and will be paid by the Government.

· Present themselves as an employment agency that has a job available. For a finder’s fee, the individual will be merely sent a few forms and how to contact HUD/FHA.

· Many have re-scripted material for supposed Manuals but are not Unclaimed Asset professionals. Plus they offer no support.

· Resell or offer outdated copies of unclaimed cases. HUD updates the states’ lists of FHA unclaimed insurance refunds each month.

Good luck to all. This is just one of a number of viable Work from Home Opportunities one can be successful with effort and organization.