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Big Is Bountiful!

Following on from the recent piece about bicycles for people over 225llbs, comes the launch of a new magazine for women that has just hit the news stands. Called ‘Just As Beautiful’, it’s aimed at curvy, plus sized women. The rationale behind the launch is that the average dress size for women in the UK is 14 to 16 and yet there’s very little representation of larger women in the fashion media. The aim of the magazine is to provide style and grooming information to ordinary women, without making them feel that they are outside of the norm..

I think they could be on to something here. It seems crazy to market a product as only being applicable to a small minority of stick-thin women, whilst ignoring the majority. And yet that’s what seems to happen at the moment. Both the fashion media, and the designers they promote and support, tend to focus on a tiny (literally!) minority. With this new magazine, and even some top designers now dipping their toe into the plus size market, it looks like marketers are waking up.

So...bicycles for plus sized magazines for plus sized folk...designer clothes for plus sized folk. What next? There just have to be dozens of business opportunities hinging on a single thought – instead of trying to make people thinner, what can we do to make them happier and more satisfied the way that they are?

47% Share Profits 

Those members who bought into Lees Foods when it was first tipped here by The AIM & PLUS Newsletter in June will now be sitting on profits of 47 per cent.
But there’s more to come. ‘If the company meets expectations for the full year the shares will trade on a price earnings multiple of just 8.2 times. What’s more we believe forecasts for 28.1p of earnings are cautious considering that 61 per cent of these had already been delivered by the interim stage.’
‘The company is also offering a yield of 3.1 per cent if last year’s payout is maintained (it might even be increased) so the shares remain good value. Buy’. We have a fuller feature available on request.

Where is Your Will 

According to advisory website, some 92 per cent of people in the UK know where they want their money to go when they die.

Only problem is, more than 30 million people in the UK do not have a will!
Here are some interesting facts. 70 per cent of adults with children under 18 do not have a will and, under current law, children not named in a will are only entitled to an inheritance if there is no surviving spouse of the deceased or if the estate is worth more than £250,000.
Annette Lepper, head of MORE TH>N legal services, adds, “Many assume that if a husband, wife or civil partner dies their estate automatically passed to their spouse, this may not be the case and a substantial amount may go to other relatives.” Time to act?  

Millionaire Women Millionaire You 

Received a copy of the new book by my friend and business associate Stephanie J Hale yesterday. It’s called ‘Millionaire Women Millionaire You- How To Think, Act And Make Money Like A Millionaire Woman’. To quote legendary business guru Dr Joe Vitale who is one of a host of well-known names who have given testimonials for the book, “Ever had a sneaky suspicion that women make money differently from men? Well you were right – this book is a REAL eye opener.”

The book comprises interviews with 12 self made multi-millionaire business women, and probes the real secrets behind their success. If you’re a woman who’s ambitious to make a great deal of money, and wants to learn from women who’ve already done it (or even a man who wants to learn about the OTHER way to do things) then this book is a must-read.