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Wallets To Wear

I really don’t like carrying a wallet, particularly in summer when I’m not wearing a jacket. As anyone who’s ever followed me will testify, the shape of my behind is almost perfect, and so sticking a wallet in my jeans pocket is just wrong! Plus it’s a security risk. All joking aside, I’m sure many people find themselves in situations where carrying money or a wallet is just inconvenient.

It’s with this in mind that San Fransisco based Rogiu LLC have created a range of wristbands and bracelets with wallets hidden inside. The company offer a number of styles for both men and women, featuring elasticised or velcro-closed bracelets which can hold credit card, ID, Cash and keys. Prices range from $12 to $150

As far as we know, these aren’t available in the UK yet. The range is called Wallets2wear. Perhaps something an ambitious entrepreneur  might look to bringing into the country. I’ll leave it with you!

Useful Supermarket Tool 

According to The Telegraph, a group of university students at Southampton say they’ve cut the cost of their weekly shop by using a little-known comparison site.
I suspect that students’ diets are significantly different from mine and yours but, even so, it’s worth taking a look at the website which is at
The site compares the cost of your weekly shop with Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Ocado. It also offers a range of voucher codes too which are always welcome. Check it out.

Sneaky Mortgage Trick 

I’ve just been talking to Dixie Walker, a mortgage broker, and he’s drawn attention to a little-known clause in the small print of many mortgage contracts which could spell TROUBLE in capital letters for many borrowers.  
The 'All Monies Charge' is a clause that secures all so-called unsecured borrowings with that lender against your property. So, in theory, if you are up-to-date with your mortgage but have fallen behind with other borrowings with the same lender, you could have your property repossessed.    
Okay, it’s an extreme example but the principle is that some banks and building societies are slipping this clause into contracts so that ‘unsecured’ borrowings become ‘secured’. It’s something to bear in mind – you may want to spread any borrowings around where possible on a ‘just in case’ basis.    

Helpful Comparison Tables 

I don’t know about you, but I always like to compare any financial deal I am offered, just to make sure I am getting a best-buy. It used to take a while to do these comparisons but nowadays there are lots of sites we can use.
Have a look at Money Made Clear and, more specifically, when you want to compare financial products.
You can use these tables for mortgages, savings accounts, pensions, annuities, unit trusts, investment bonds and endowments, as examples. Well worth a look if you want to get the best deals.