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Surplus Profits

Following on from recent articles about both recycled products and second hand materials, I got an email who’s company is already on this particular bandwagon.They trade in surplus and redundant chemicals and chemical related items.

They are not a waste disposal company and do not ‘charge’ to get rid of unwanted material, but rather pay other companies for their unwanted chemicals. That could be because the owner has lost some business , changed their formulation or the product is beyond shelf life

There are two reasons this is worth mentioning I think:

  1. Every industry must have surplus or unwanted raw materials or stock which companies would be keen for someone else to take away – especially if they’re paid for them. What about your industry? 
  2. It’s just possible you have some chemicals of your own you wish to dispose of.

UK Property Investing 

In these days of tight lending criteria and limited funding, a good rule of thumb for property investors is to see where the banks are lending on the basis that, all things being equal, they are investing in what they consider to be 'safe bets'.
For example, it’s just been announced that Barclays are lending £66 million to Unite to build student homes in London. Unite, the UK's largest student landlord, is to develop a 671-bed student accommodation site on the South Bank in London close to Kings College and the London School of Economics.
Joe Lister at Unite says, “This is the largest loan to one single asset in the student accommodation sector this year. We are seeking to acquire land for over 4,000 beds and our ability to get funding and secure sites quickly demonstrates our robust approach to strengthening our London portfolio.”

Hot Share Tip 

Essenden (ES.P) is a speculative buy for your investment portfolio, suggests Tom Winnifrith at Essenden is the holding company for the tenpin bowling operations of Tenpin Limited and a portfolio of five investment properties held for sale for redevelopment.
The principal activity of the group comprises the operation of 38 tenpin bowling centres that are largely situated in high visibility locations such as multi-leisure parks and town centre leisure complexes.
Key to the group's strategy is to offer value for money and affordable entertainment for families, adults and children alike in an accessible, safe and fun environment. It has spent over £3.3 million on industry-leading IT systems over the past three years to support new channels of demand. Full article available on request.

Overseas Property Hotspot 

Check out Brazil. The election of Dilma Rousseff, the first female president of Brazil, is a popular choice with the real estate industry as she is expected to deliver the property reforms and developments that are in the pipeline for 2011 and beyond.
Samantha Gore of real estate agents uv10 says that overseas property investors want to see a stable nation and that this is now assured. “She is unlikely to divert from current government policy. Things could not be rosier for Brazil in 2010."
"Recent social policies have pulled people out of poverty and into a rapidly growing middle class. Meanwhile, Brazil’s GDP is outperforming the predictions of the global experts surging by 9 per cent year-on-year, its fastest growth rate in around 14 years.” We have an article on investing in Brazil coming soon.