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The same...but smaller

When the TSA ban on carrying liquids on planes in bottles of more than 100ml (3 oz) came into force, it opened up an opportunity which New York company 3floz jumped in to fill. They started putting high end skin and hair care products in airline-friendly 3 fluid ounce bottles. These weren’t just marketed to travellers though. They were also promoted to people who wanted to try out a product without going to the risk and expense of buying the full sized version.

With a little lateral thinking, this concept has to have much wider applications. What other expensive product or service could you re-package into smaller quantities, enabling the consumer to try it out without spending a fortune? And when you’ve done that, how can you position yourself to cash in if they decide to go for the full blown version?

Secrets Of Succesful Gambling

If you're looking for unusual yet simple ways to make extra money from Sports betting, ones used to great effect by thousands of members since they started in 1995, then this could well be for you.

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Secrets Of Successful Gambling (known as SSG for short) is a monthly hard-copy sports betting toolkit, sent to you by post in 25 monthly "lessons" covering how to win at every gambling discipline imaginable.

And as a special favour from Hilite chariman, Mike Chantry, has agreed to give you a 'taster' of what this Service is like, and to let Streetwise Bulletin readers 'try before you buy' and send you, in the post, Lesson One of SSG absolutely Free.

Student Property Boom?

If you’re looking for a hot property investment - either directly in bricks and mortar or indirectly via a fund - do take a look at student accommodation. I've invested - so should you!

The fact is that there is a shortage of supply. Across the country, universities provide an average of 65 per cent of the accommodation need. In London, universities supply just 36 per cent of the accommodation needed. This is causing investor interest.  

In 2009, one new bed was created for every eight students creating a severe shortage which looks set to continue. According to Savills, funding for universities will soon be reduced resulting in less university rental accommodation for students and further potential for private sector landlords.

Without private funding, universities will no longer be able to fulfil demand for quality accommodation according to Marcus Roberts from Savills.

“British universities can no longer rely on name and status to maintain high application levels from overseas students. Tuition fees for international students have now risen to £9,300 per annum for standard courses and £11,500 for laboratory-based courses.”

“At this level, it is fundamental that UK universities seek ways of upgrading and maintaining high standards of residential and non-residential buildings to maintain their advantage over aspiring international institutions.”

The most recent report on the sector, which is well worth reading if you are interested in investing, came from Savills in June.