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Here Comes The Sun... And An 8% Return

A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted the opportunity created by the government for you to make an excellent return by installing solar panels in your house. If you like the idea but either don’t have an appropriate south-facing roof, or are put off by the aesthetic impact on your home, then I think you’re going to be very interested in this.

Let’s recap…

It's not every day you get the opportunity to be paid handsomely by the UK government, save the planet's precious resources at the same time, and help those in a less privileged position than yourself… a kind of win/win for all.

When the UK government launched its “clean energy cash-back scheme” back in April of this year, we thought there just had to be an opportunity for our members here.

And there is!

You see the government has to meet stringent EU clean-energy quotas, so they are rewarding investors in all renewable energy produced through solar power systems - effectively solar panels installed on roofs. They are paying investors a very lucrative feed-in tariff, for every kWh of electricity generated, of 41.3p. This is all managed and administered by Ofgem. Roughly speaking, it translates to an 8% per annum return over inflation on your investment.

Moreover, the feed-in tariff is guaranteed and indexed-linked for 25 years by the UK government. This means it’s linked to the Retail Price Index – so returns are guaranteed to be way ahead of inflation for up to 25 years. This is not new in other parts of the world but it is in the UK. This really is a chance to get in early at the highest feed-in tariff.

Now what we’ve just discovered is that you don’t need to install panels on your own roof to take advantage of this. To make it accessible for all of our readers, we’ve partnered up with a company who have sourced plenty of south-facing roof space by very intelligently linking up with housing associations across the UK.

And this is where this opportunity becomes a win/win –

You invest in the panels which are installed on the roofs of the housing association properties.

The people in those houses receive FREE energy.

Your investment prevents 37.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, helping to fight climate change.

You receive an 8% per annum return over inflation, paid to you every 6 months - or around £3,600 over 3 years.

You have the security of a government-backed scheme, regulated by Ofgem.


Now the minimum investment for this opportunity is £15K, with larger returns available for higher investments. We think this a brilliant opportunity. It’s secure; it’s Government-backed; it’s regulated by Ofgem; it’s providing free energy to those in social housing; and it will make you some money as well.

This is a great way of bolting on a secure green investment to your portfolio, at an affordable entry level.

Buy Norseman Gold

Norseman is one of 20 gold mining stocks recommended by Tom Winnifrith over the past 10 years. The average gain for these gold mining tips is 137 per cent. Today, Tom repeats his 'buy Norseman Gold' tip.

In brief, it owns the Norseman Goldmine, which is in Western Australia and is the longest, continuously running gold mining operation down under. The area has a superb infrastructure including site generated power, nearby rail links and airstrip and currently produces from three underground mines - the Bullen, the Harlequin and the OK Decline.

Norseman had a medium-term target of producing 140,000 ounces per annum from its mines. Even assuming production of just 100,000 ounces a year and a conservative profit margin of $400 an ounce then the company could be throwing off cash of $40 million a year (£25.8 million). That makes the current valuation of £79.4 million look very cheap indeed. If you want exposure to a well-run, growing miner (and, of course, to gold) you could do worse than add Norseman to your portfolio.

Profit Making Homes

See if you can earn money by renting your property to a TV or film company – register with agents such as Sarah Eastel Locations ( Fees start from about £750 per day.

Are you located within London/M25/Home Counties? This is an immediate plus point as 80 per cent of the filming takes place here.

If you're beyond these areas, is your home either reasonably substantial in size or has something either very unusual? Georgian properties are always very popular.

Other plus points include access to good parking as close as possible to the property.

Getting on with all your neighbours will also be helpful especially if the crew are likely to be noticeable and spend time making telephone calls outside your house. The majority of shoots will invariably have no more than around five to 12 people on site but when you're involved with a major production the numbers can easily reach 50 to 80 people.

Find out more at