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Musical Matches

“If music be the food of love, play on”, wrote Shakespeare in Twelfth Night. Don’t know much about that (or even what he was talking about) but if a new website is anything to go by, music may be the key to love. is a new dating site with a difference. Site users are asked to choose their favourite songs and artists from over 50,000 options, and are then matched up with members of the opposite sex who share the same taste in music. The site, which was launched in June now has 5,000 members.

Dating is big business online and any newcomer will need an angle to make an impact. If you can match people on the basis of their musical taste, what else might work? Maybe you could launch a site based on members’  favourite football team alliegance, their favourite film, or even their favourite author or artist. Can’t see any reason why any of these would be any less valid than musical taste. Maybe you have a better idea?

Gold - Where Next?

David Barclay at investment management specialists Brewin Dolphin has some advice today on investing in Gold. “Gold can be an attractive prospect for investors. The price is determined by supply and demand and, put simply, there is limited supply and big demand.”
“There are several ways investors can get exposure to gold price movements: from gold coins to shares. Before heading down to a bullion vault, remember that, as a British investor, you are exposing yourself to fluctuations in the US dollar in which gold is always priced. Investing in gold shares tends to be more volatile than simply tracking the price.”
“The argument for investing in gold is still valid, although any investors coming to the party now should have realistic expectations on how much higher the price could rise. It might be a lower-risk investment but that does not mean it is no risk while there are the same risks attached to buying shares in gold companies as you would find with any other shares.” 

Free Theatre & Cinema Tickets

Sadly, I’m more than 20 years too late for this freebie but, if you are under 26, you can get free theatre tickets from the "A Night Less Ordinary" site at Simply use the search box to find participating theatres near you and book some free tickets.
Similarly, although I’m about 30 years too old for most of the movies that are released these days, you can get free cinema tickets from This is ‘the website that finds tickets for a free night out or a free day out.

New BTL Mortgages

BM Solutions is offering two buy-to-let products, both available at up to 75 per cent LTV, for a limited time - all applications have to submitted by 8pm on Friday.
There is a two-year tracker at 3.75 per cent and a two-year fixed
product at 4.25 per; both come with a 0.5 per cent fee. Talk to your broker.
Precise Mortgages has a new buy-to-let product range with two-year tracker rates from 4.89 per cent and lifetime tracker products from 4.99 per cent.
Precise Mortgages has increased its distribution too. PTFS, PMS and 3MC members can now access the product range as well as members of L&G Mortgages Club, Mortgage Intelligence, Mortgage Next, Mortgageforce, Mortgages For Business, TMBC. A fuller article on BTL mortgages is coming.