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Calculated Profits

It’s not unusual for groups of consumers to have quite transient needs, and when this happens, a business opportunity often opens up. Students are one such group. They often study a subject for a short period, and are required to source quite expensive resources, which they will only need for a short period of time. Previously, we’ve talked about services set up to rent books to students, thereby negating the need for them to make an expensive purchase. 

A Canadian company has spotted another need they can satisfy in a similar way – by renting out expensive graphic and financial calculators.  Students often need these for just a couple of classes and can save 70% by renting rather than buying. When the rental period is complete, they simply mail them back to the company.

I don’t think this is a fortune-maker, but it could certainly be a solid business. As far as I know, nobody is doing this in the UK yet, so perhaps something to copy?

Christmas Cash Scam Alert

It’s that time of year when we’re all looking to make some extra cash in time for Christmas. It’s also the time of year when con-artists are most active, according to the Office Of Fair Trading (OFT).
They say that scam artists can be spotted via several warning signs. ‘Call A Premium Rate Number’ – numbers starting with 090, for example, make big money for operators especially if you have to stay online for ages listening to a recorded message.
‘Send Money Upfront’ – most will simply take your money and run. ‘Give Your Bank Details’ – most legitimate companies will pay you via bank transfer; but you wouldn’t be expected to give these details upfront! Remember the bottom-line advice – if it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. We’ve a fuller how to spot a scam article available on request.

Money Making Websites

We’ve tipped Entitled To at before. It’s well worth a regular mention. Help The Aged reveals that people of pension age miss out on £5.4 billion benefits a year. It’s much the same for families too. Use the calculator at the site to see what you’re due.   
Another favourite is Voucher Codes at Here you’ll discover ever-changing, discount deals and offers from the High Street. All you have to do is to copy and paste a discount code when you buy online at Debenhams, Currys etc.  
My Lost Account at allows you to search for dormant bank and other savings accounts and investments in your name that may have been forgotten about over the years. It’s worth a look.