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Millionaires Grow

Listen to the ‘doom and gloom’ media, and you could be forgiven for thinking that nobody has any money any more. It may come as a surprise therefore, to learn that according to new research published today, there are now a record 284,317 millionaires in the UK.  Just to be clear, that’s individuals with assets of  over £1 Million, excluding their home. That’s  about 1 in 230 of the population. Take children out of the figures, and millionaires are much more common than you might think.

Another BTL Deal

These new buy-to-let mortgage deals seem to be coming thick and fast. Darlington Building Society has just come back into the buy-to-let market with a discounted variable rate deal.
It’s at 4.99 per cent to 31 October 2013; that’s 0.96 per cent below their SVR (standard variable rate). What is appealing is that it comes with a £574 fee and is available at up to 70 per cent LTV (loan-to-value). As always, talk to your broker; we can put you in touch with a broker on request. 

Next Tax Return

When’s your next tax return due? HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has just issued a reminder to anyone who’s due to complete a Self Assessment tax return. If you intend to submit a paper copy, you have until 31 October to do so.
After that, you need to submit online – which is rather fiddly – by 31 January to avoid a £100 penalty. Registering for online filing can be done at the HMRC website at and by clicking  'Register for Self Assessment Online'.
If you want further help and advice, it is available from the HMRC website at or from the Self Assessment helpline on 0845 9000 444.

Your Council Tax

My son and his girlfriend have just moved from one rented property to another – same sort of house, much the same rent, just a slightly more rural location – and the council band has jumped up two places so they are paying a fair bit more council tax.
They’re having a moan but – rather than do that - I have directed them to the Valuation Office Agency website at to compare what they are paying with similar properties nearby. I think they are overpaying and the VOA site tells them, and you if you think you are in a higher band than you should be, what to do next.