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Hot Share Tip

We've a hot new tip come in from, part of Tom's group of sites. It's Argos Resources (ARG), a speculative buy at 32.5p. Why? Oil & gas exploration firm Argos Resources (ARG) has a 100 per cent interest in Production Licence PL001, which covers 1,126 square kilometres in an area of the North Falkland Basin. Argos has certainly chosen a good time to join the market, the Falklands currently being a hot area for oil exploration. Rockhopper recently discovered oil on its Sea Lion prospect in May and investors have further hopes of success at its Ernest well. A fuller article is available on request.

Biz-Opp Idea

I have just been reading Country Life which has a really interesting feature by Melanie Backe-Hansen  “ Historian for Chesterton Humberts " about house histories; something I have written about before for the property press. A house history is a good marketing tool for an old house. I have an article available on request.

It's also struck me that this might be a good biz-opp for someone with a little time to research and some basic writing skills. Interested? Drop me a line and I will see if we can put a feature together.

£552 Million Wasted!


Just-out research by suggests that UK taxpayers are wasting £552 million a year because of poor capital gains tax (CGT) payments. Their advice is as follows:

The first £10,100 of capital gains each year is exempt from tax. This limit applies to each individual. If you are married or in a civil partnership you each have an annual exemption and should ensure each of you maximise your CGT free gains. For example:

'Bed and ISA' option  - a common form of CGT planning where investors sell investments or assets, use their annual CGT exemption and then buy the assets back within a tax-efficient ISA in the new tax year, thereby washing out the capital gains.

'Bed and Spousing' -   investors sell their investments or assets, then their spouse or civil partner buy them back, which means the gain materialises for the seller and any future gain is in the spouses name and both of the couple are utilising their annual CGT exemptions.

Of course, the best advice is to consult an independent financial adviser (IFA) to find the most CGT efficient options for you. More to come on this topic.

Danger! Email Scams

Following last weeks PAYE story, the so-called tax refund emails have started from the scammers. I've received six today, including this one, 'Today after the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity, we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund. Complete the individual tax refund form attached this confidential message. After completing the form allow us 5-9 business days in order to process it. Your verification form will only be valid only for 24 hours.' As always, HMRC only ever communicates about tax rebates, demands etc by post. Delete!