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Have you Tried the Stand Up Desk Trend?

One of the latest crazes when it comes to home office furniture, the stand up desk is more than just a quirky office gimmick – it could genuinely boost your productivity and protect your health too. 

A standing desk sits high off the floor, so that you can stand while typing, writing, or talking on the phone, taking occasional breaks by sitting on a tall stool or office chair. Adjustable desks that allow you to easily manoeuvre between various desk heights are also becoming more popular at home office furniture supply stores like Rymans. 

A growing number of home and office workers are swapping their traditional sit-down desks for standing ones, saying that standing for longer periods gives them more energy and less aches and pains. The trend towards standing desks has been motivated by medical reports that have found that sitting for extended periods poses serious health risks in the long term. 

A clinical study carried out by the American Cancer Society in 2010 found that women sitting for 6 hours per day or more were 37 per cent more likely to die prematurely than women who sat for less than three hours. In men, the premature death rate was found to be 18 per cent higher. Simply by standing up you can boost your metabolism by 10 per cent, and while this isn’t as much of an increase as you benefit from through walking or other forms of exercise, it does make a difference in terms of calories burned and general health. 

The trend is currently sweeping the trendy offices of Silicon Valley, with Facebook reporting a huge increase in the number of employees requesting standing desks and more than 10 per cent of its workers now use them daily. 

In terms of home office furniture, standing desks are just as affordable as standard desks. They are also easy to build yourself if you’re not afraid of a bit of DIY. If you’d like to try out the standing desk trend for yourself, here are a few variations for you to try out in your own home office.