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Easier Travel Search

If you’ve ever tried to research a holiday, but weren’t really sure exactly where you wanted to go or when, you’ll know how difficult regular travel company sites and travel search sites are to use. They always insist on you filling out dates, times and destinations in pre-prepared menu’s. This isn’t easy (and feels very restrictive) when your plans are more fluid.

Australian site, Adioso, has been set up to deal with this problem by allowing site visitors to conduct flexible searches in natural language, rather than via menu. The site is still in the early stages of development, but I mention it for two reasons:

  1. If you have flexible travel plans this could become a ‘go-to’ sight in the near future.
  2. The development of the site is evidence that there are still undiscovered niches within, what on the surface appear to be, very mature online markets.

Doggie Doo-Rags

My daughter has a thing about bandanas and when I take our Jack Russell, Bernard, for a walk in the mornings, he now wears what to me looks like a bright red and white-spotted handkerchief around his neck. I’m not sure which of us feels more embarrassed.
But I’ve just been talking to someone in the US – where they call them ‘Doo-Rags’ – and, apparently, they make a rather nice living making and selling these on eBay.         
If you sew, you can choose to design and make them yourself; this could help you make 'designer' Doo-Rags and make a good profit. You can also choose to buy these items pre-made through a wholesaler or directly from a manufacturer. Interested? We can put a how-to feature together for you on request. Just don’t ask me to wear one.

The Osborne Impact has looked at the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review on expected property prices. They give 20 locations where property prices are expected to fall as a result of public sector cuts and job losses etc.
1 Oxford 46 326,396 -3.61 per cent
2 Denbighshire 45 146,289 -9.06 per cent
3 Cambridge 43 306,521 -6.88 per cent
4 Middlesbrough 43 117,623 -8.53 per cent
5 Hastings 43 164,255 -5.19 per cent
6 Ceredigion 42 185,569 -7.53 per cent
7 Canterbury 40 224,699 -10.11 per cent
8 Stafford 40 188,162 -8.54 per cent
9 West Dorset 40 271,555 -9.22 per cent
10 Merthyr Tydfil 39 94,854 -7.85 per cent
11 Sefton 39 170,518 -9.66 per cent
12 Liverpool 39 132,083 -10.21 per cent
13 Greenwich 39 276,512 -3.64 per cent
14 Taunton Deane 39 214,130 -9.03 per cent
15 Lewisham 39 265,822 -3.42 per cent
16 Swansea 38 151,570 -9.47 per cent
17 Eastbourne 38 207,468 -7.88 per cent
18 Newcastle upon Tyne 38 166,890 -9.10 per cent
19 Blackpool 37 114,300 -14.58 per cent
20 Gwynedd 37 155,043 -8.70 per cent
The figures given represent; the percentage of the workforce employed in the public sector; the current average property value; the expected percentage change in prices over the next three years.

Goodbye Dubai

A story from Dubai is a reminder and a warning of what can happen when developers and investors rush to profit from a fast-moving market; think Bulgaria as was and Brazil as is.
According to Nicholas Maclean, Middle East MD for CB Richard Ellis, Dubai has a huge oversupply of office buildings because foreign buyers with no experience bought whole floors in off-plan offices which were badly built in poor locations.
“Some buildings will be permanently vacant and will never be let because they are wrongly located, they are of poor quality or have the wrong legal structure in place.”
Property investing overseas can be marvellous both in terms of lifestyle and investment buys. But, it has to be said, speculative investing is not suited to the inexperienced and, of course, widows and orphans.