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Fractional Ownership Opportunity

One of the hottest trends in the property market at the moment, is the move towards fractional ownership. It’s a system which shares many of the advantages of the much-hated timeshare, but without the drawbacks. Over the next few months, we hope to be bringing you the opportunity to invest in fractional ownership of a variety of properties around the world. To kick things off, here’s an opportunity to own a share of a beautiful 2 bed apartment in Turkey for a bargain basement £6,000. Here are the details:

Why Fractional Ownership?

Because it enables you to enjoy your holiday home for a fraction of the price of full ownership – both for purchase and for maintenance. You can buy the fraction that suits your lifestyle and your holiday requirements.

Why Turkey?

It has fabulous weather all year round, a relaxed lifestyle and very friendly people. It’s rapidly becoming the Brits’ No.1 holiday destination, with a short flying time for guaranteed weather. Some say it’s like Spain was about 30 years ago for prices and potential.

Why this apartment?

For safety, security and peace of mind. Village atmosphere. Extremely friendly and relaxed, in lovely 5 star complex with pool and shops on site. The apartment is on the 3rd floor, and sleeps 4-6 comfortably, in 2 good sized bedrooms and spacious lounge. Kitchen fully fitted. Generous balcony. 5-10 minutes walk to beach and restaurants. Golf course nearby.

Priced for quick sale

From 4 weeks for £6,000 – everything included – fractional share of freehold, solicitor’s fees for purchase, maintenance fees 2010 and 2011.

Property Trends

We've some more UK and overseas property investing news for you today...

When it comes to investing in property for capital appreciation, you need to consider demand and supply both now and in the future. According to new data from the Bank of Scotland, bungalows have seen the biggest rise in prices over the past year. Bungalows have, on average, increased by 8 per cent. That compares with terraced and semi-detached properties which fell by 5 per cent and 1 per cent respectively. The bank explains why, 'Property types which have seen the largest average price rises over the past year have benefited from greater demand from those buyer groups currently most able to enter the housing market.' Demand and supply – you can’t beat them.

Following on from yesterdays piece about Solar panels,  according to government figures, solar panel sales are rising - twice as many were fitted in August than they were in June. Are they good investments? As ballpark figures, you can expect to pay up to £12,000 for installation and will save about £700 to £800 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

If you are buying property overseas for investment purposes, Global Property Guide's new figures highlight the importance of buying in the right location. Year-on-year to the end of the last quarter, 18 countries saw property price rises and 18 saw price falls. The leaders were Singapore at 34 per cent followed by Hong Kong at 21.42 per cent and Australia at 15.8 per cent. At the bottom, were Bulgaria at -10.25 per cent, Lithuania at 15.7 per cent and Ireland at 15.9 per cent.

A new property report from the Post Office reminds us of the significance of a sea view. They say that when it comes to location, 'homeowners are certainly prepared to shell out for an ocean view'. Coastal properties are more than £20,000 more expensive than the equivalent properties without a sea view. It's even more of an issue overseas - so often with off-plan, you pay a premium for a sea view and later, once the resort fills out, you find it is obscured by other developments. If there is land between you and the sea that can be built upon, it probably will be. At the very least, do your due diligence before committing to buy.