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Fat Chance!

Over the past few years, cycling seems to have had something of a resurgence. A combination of a growing health awareness and British Olympic success has created something of a mini boom. But there’s a problem. You see, most bikes simply aren’t designed to support some of the people who would benefit from using them most- people over 225 pounds. And that’s only just around the 16 stone mark.

Super Sized Cycles of Vermont was set up to tackle this very problem, by supplying a range of bikes capable of supporting up to 550 pounds – which is a lot! Their products have wider tyres, stronger wheels and sturdier frames. They bring cycling to a group who were previously excluded.

As a population, we’re heavier than ever before. Despite the best efforts of the diet industry, that looks set to continue. So are there any other products or services which larger people are currently excluded from using. And is there a fortune making business opportunity to be had by opening that activity up to them?

Creative Bus Stop Advertisements

Here are some highly effective Bus Stop advertisements which have recently been highlighted by website We really like this website here at Streetwise and can heartily recommend it...It's full of   great and amusing  ideas.

As Bored Panda point out -

  • "Bus Shelter Ads Are Always On. They work for you 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. "
  • "Bus Shelter Advertising Offers Great Visibility. Drivers, pedestrians and bus riders all will see your ads. "
  • "Bus Shelter Ads Provide Multiple Impressions Per Prospective Customer. People passing by on a regular basis are bound to notice your ad. "
  • "Bus Shelter Ads Give Precise Geographic Targeting."
  • Bus stops are a wonderful medium for advertising, but it takes a lot of creativity to make the best of them.

Discover Inland

The company develops urban regeneration projects in south-east England. It buys brownfield/ex-MoD sites with the objective of adding value by securing planning permission and then selling the assets on to developers and residential home builders.
Although more a pragmatic cash-generating activity than a core activity, Inland is also building residential sites while the commercial property market recovers and during 2010 sold 158 building plots and 10 completed apartments in Byfleet, Surrey.
The south-east and M25 circle are the most densely populated areas in Europe but remain a desirable housing development area and house prices are proving to be more resilient than elsewhere in the UK.
Check out the latest results
The results for the year to 30 June 2010 from Inland, published on 11 October 2010, show clearly that the recovery in trading, already evident at the half-year stage, has accelerated. The company reports a pre-tax profit of £1.05 million, which compares with a loss of £10.47 million reported for 2009.
The continuing priority for the company is to generate cash flow in order to reduce bank debt and settle outstanding deferred land payments. The £1 million due to be paid by March 2011 is already covered and Inland is on target to repay £5.2 million of bank borrowings by the end of the first quarter of calendar year 2011.
Inland reported with its results that the larger house builders are showing significantly more interest in buying land to replenish their land banks than was the case even six months ago.
Look at the company portfolio
Inland’s diversified development portfolio contains four major sites accounting for 1,742 plots of which 1,252 are now consented for planning permission. There is an off-balance sheet joint venture at West Drayton, where planning permission has been granted for 773 units and 55,000 square feet of commercial space comprising a nursing home, primary care trust and some office space representing a gross development value of around £185 million.
Assuming 90 per cent profit share, this could cautiously give a value of 8p a share assuming £16 million profit. The land bank under control has a carrying value of the inventory for sale of £35.15 million and the net asset value is £44.5 million, which equates to 24.3p a share.
Assess what comes next
Since the year-end, two sites have been sold for £4.4 million with an agreement also reached for the sale of 148 plots and 40,000 square feet of commercial space for £17.7 million.
The current year pre-tax profits forecast is  £1.5 million but this includes nothing for West Drayton and hence the risk is very much on the upside.
Moreover, West Drayton could plausibly generate cashflow of £22.5 million for the group which would leave it with enviable balance sheet strength. By June 2011 year-end the NAV should be 25.6p although West Drayton could add 8p per share.
Uncover the bottom line
For us, the price target is set at 30p – a discount of about 10 per cent to the NAV including West Drayton and, at 18.75p, our stance remains ‘buy’.
Key data? EPIC: INL. Share Price: 18.75p. Spread: 18.25p – 19p. NMS: 10,000. Total number of issued shares: 182.99 million. Market cap: £34.31 million. 12 month range:  13.25p – 22.25p. Market: AIM. Website: Sector: Real estate.
Share tips are given in good faith. Share prices do go up and down. Never invest more than you can afford to lose in a worst-case scenario. Always take professional advice before investing.