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Subscription Success

Here’s the secret to a large number of small businesses…find something that people like, and then get them to commit to buying it regularly through a subscription, and you’re guaranteed to make profit in the long run.

We all know how this model works in the publishing world for example, but it’s much more widespread and versatile than that. For example, one company we recently came across (Bonbon) market a range of lip balms. For £5 a month, customers sign up to receive a different flavour every 12 times a year. If you’re not into the product, this may seem a ‘balmy’ idea (no booing at the back please!) but with each customer worth £60 a year, you don’t need too many to create a viable business.

There must be hundreds of products which would lend themselves to this kind of subscription service treatment. Anything edible, consumable or collectable has potential. Is there something you currently sell that could be given the subscription treatment? Do you currently buy something that would lend itself to this? I’m going to give some serious though to this myself, so you’d better get moving if you want to beat me to the best ideas!

Biz-Opp Basics 

We’ve had lots of replies to yesterday’s three ‘taster’ money-makers and fuller reports will come out next week. For today, another money-making idea from Freddie who earns money as a dog walker charging £5 a time but who takes several dogs out at the same time!
Jobsgrapevine at is a free site and a good place to start as it has a number of message boards for sharing information including one on dog-walking where you can pick the brains of fellow dog-walkers.
There are other message boards on such topics as; cleaning & hoovering; picking up deliveries; hiring out your garden; hiring out your spare space/room; language teaching and laundry services & ironing.

Beat The Slots? 

Like me, you may have been bombarded with offers this week about an e-book package revealing a ‘guaranteed’ system for beating the slots.

Bottom line? There’s no such thing!
Here’s why. You are effectively playing a computer and the system it is using is RNG. This stands for Random Number Generator and simply means that what comes up is completely and utterly random.
The online slot machine payout is set by the RNG at a certain, pre-determined percentage. Typically, this will be between 75 per cent and 95 per cent. All else being equal, and in simple terms, if you put in £100, you will get £75 to £95 back. We have a fuller article on request.

Clean Up Your Credit 

Do not follow through on the current rash of ads that offer to clean up your credit status. The focus is on county court judgements. The so-called trick is to write to the relevant county court stating that you never received the summons.
The county court will (in theory) set aside the judgment and re-issue the summons. Meantime, your credit history will be clean so you can apply for credit. Only thing is, you need to lie to the court – and that’s a bad idea.
The better way to clean up your credit rating is to obtain your credit files from Experian ( and Equifax ( and add any notices of correction where necessary. We have a how-to article available on request.

Money-Making Idea 

Our friend Avril reminds us of another money-maker again today - out-of-copyright prints which can be turned into high-profit products especially if they are offered mounted and ready to frame.
To give you some idea of what’s what, one of the best sellers Avril’s ever seen for reprinted items is, appropriately named, Encore Editions. ( Study sites such as these that specialise in creating hot-selling items from old and modern illustrations.
There’s even a place online where you can have 100’s of different products created for you from your original or reprinted illustrations. You do it by uploading your own illustrations to your own free shop at and have the company create different items for you to sell and for other Café Press members to sell on commission.