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A Cut Above

It’s not unusual to get offered a cup of coffee and a chocolate digestive while you’re having your haircut, but London salon Percy & Reeds have taken the refreshments concept to a whole new level. When you book a morning appointment online , you’re invited to order in advance from a breakfast menu that includes hot sandwiches, porridge, croissants and cereals. A choice of hot and cold beverages and newspaper, completes the picture. Everything is outsourced and simply added to the clients bill.

In a competitive environment, anything that gives you an edge over the competition can be extremely valuable. Is there an add-on service you can bolt on to your business which will differentiate you from all your me-to competitors.

Top Shelf

We are delighted to offer you a unique opportunity to invest in this cutting edge, cheeky UK romantic comedy.

An undercover reporter is sent by his feminist, newspaper boss to do a hatchet job on a mucky magazine. The girls, the glam and the sex are all there, but to his surprise it’s his heart he ends up following, not his by-line.

TOP SHELF combines the humour of “The Hangover” with look and feel of “Knocked Up” and the audience appeal of “There’s Something About Mary”.

Rom Coms are the most popular movie genre and the UK has always performed excellently in this arena. Think “The Full Monty”, ”Love Actually”, “Borat”, “Mr Bean” and “Bridget Jones”.

“Comedy is consistently the UK’s most popular genre with UK audiences and took £222 million, accounting for 24% of the box office share.” Cinema Business, July 2009.

Writer Danny King is a successful novelist with eight books in print of which half are optioned as movies. Has written a sitcom for the BBC, has another in development, two feature scripts in pre-production and has two projects optioned by Hollywood producers David Matalan and Andy Vanja who have between them been responsible for such legendary movies as “LA Confidential”, “The Terminator” franchise and “Die Hard”.

TOP SHELF has already attracted huge industry interest as it is a marketers dream and will attract a big name cast due the script, characters and out and out comedy appeal.

TOP SHELF offers some very attractive tax breaks, through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). 20% of the investment is taken from your tax bill, you can shelter capital gains tax, which is very attractive since the recent rise to 28%, loss relief to limit the downside and best of all: tax free profits.

Formosa Film’s current film, TWENTY8K, written by multi award winning writer Paul Abbott (3 BAFTA's, 2 RTS Awards and an EMMY) and creator of “Shameless” and “State of Play” (Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe) shoots at the end of this year. Parminder Nagra, star of “ER” and “Bend it Like Beckham” taking the lead role.